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Hardwood floors are our specialty! We are confident you will love the low maintenance clean-up that comes with hardwood flooring. After all, shouldn't you make your life easier? Our hardwood floors can do just that, not to mention the beautiful look they provide as well.  We offer hardwood flooring for both residential and commercial needs.

- Oak

- Cherry

- Walnut

- Pine

- Bamboo

- Maple

- Cork

- Various others

"Got some new wood floors for my house. They give me a good deal. Very happy!! Ask for Dino or bobby!  (Highly recommend!)"


-Junior G.

We aren't your typical hardwood flooring place - we have so much more! Our unique, exotic woods can emphasize your home

and all of its qualities. Give one of our experts a call today and see everything

we have to offer! We provide beautiful hardwood flooring from top manufacturers.

We have thousands of styles and colors!

Get in touch with us today or stop by our shop!

Variety of styles:

A unique look

We have a style for just about everyone! If you don't think hardwood is right for you, we have many other styles and selections to choose from, including laminate flooring. Click here to learn more about it and what we provide.

So much more than hardwood floors

Shine hardwood Shine hardwood